Who are we?

Solutions 101 (S101) is a medical technology service company that strategically utilizes data analytics to simplify the fundamental basis of how and where your dental practice is paid.

S101 focuses on critical data points that are not readily available in dental provider communities.  S101 will measure and reveal profitability metrics and direct dental practices to untapped revenue streams.  Our software will continually monitor dental practice data in an ever-changing reimbursement landscape.

S101 can monitor market shifts that directly affect your revenue. As a dental provider, you have no control over whether employers switch carriers or member plans, carriers create or delete leased network alliances, carriers decided to reduce your current reimbursements, or new plans join the market. S101 helps you mitigate these changes so you can keep more of what you earn.

S101 utilizes a proprietary system setting us apart from a standard “negotiation” company.  We work directly for you, not on behalf of the insurance companies.  S101 receives no commissions or revenue from insurance companies.

Are You Ready To Increase Your Revenue?


Our goal is to help you discover your dental office’s maximum revenue potential, without having you change the way you practice.

S101 has helped dental practices across the United States realize profitability in an ever-changing insurance network reimbursement market. We are referred to offices from multiple sources, allowing us to create relationships that can ensure your continued success.

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Don’t just take our word for it—see why our clients love the solutions we’ve created for their teams (and especially the profits we’ve helped them uncover).

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Your investment is determined by your case.  Once offices experience the power of S101’s data, they realize the value of having this resource during the process.  S101 will review your case and present a solution, based on the needs of your practice.

The timeline is determined by your current market position and conditions.  S101 will present a comprehensive plan to recover lost revenue and recapture your investment.

Every practice is different and your investment into your business will start paying for itself.  Having access to critical practice information to make informed data driven decisions is the first priority. Depending upon your current carrier contracts and fee schedules, S101 can start increasing revenue as soon as those existing conditions are met.

Negotiations are a by-product of what S101 does.  S101 will pivot contracting with the present and current market data to maximize Leased Networks/Third Party Agreements/Active Payor Lists and existing contracting.  In many cases, this causes carriers to initiate offers that S101 can determine if accessing will be financially beneficial, lateral, or under utilized for your practice.


We’ve helped 500+ dental practices uncover more than
$92 million in untapped revenue.




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Customized Analytics for Data Driven Decisions and Actions



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