Our Mission

"Discovering our client’s maximum potential, without having them change the way they practice."

Solutions-101 has one goal in mind; clarify, maximize and utilize your existing patient base. Our proprietary method has helped uncover and discover avenues of revenue within an existing practice, while protecting your existing patient base.

Our Services

Our Clients


OUT of Network 100%

We can quickly and efficiently maximize portfolios, resulting in quick returns.


IN and OUT of Networks

We can re-position access points while maximizing both their IN and OUT of network patient base.


IN Network contract re-alignment

We evaluate leaving, staying, or joining networks, while maximizing the patient base within the practice.


Packages and Pricing

We offer 3 different options to best suit your needs and practice.

Our Company

Solutions-101 will help navigate the web of insurance companies out there today. Whether you are participating in networks, or completely out of all networks, our unique and custom method has helped offices capture revenue streams that were almost virtually unknown to them.

Our process is one that is custom tailored to your practice. We do not template anything we do. We understand that insurance is evolving and we are here to ensure you are maximizing your opportunities within your portfolios.

"...their knowledge and expertise of the Insurance Industry has been a huge advantage to our entire office. If you are in a rut with PPO fee schedule reimbursement, you will benefit from having them work with you to reduce the PPO adjustments and increase your bottom line."

Nancy H. OM

Their extreme knowledge in the dental insurance and fees in our area surpassed our expectations. When they started the process with me, it was seamless and took very little time in our office. Solutions-101 worked diligently to offer us recommendations on fee increases to effectively maximize our bottom line.

Jenny G, RDA/Fin. Cord. & Deborah T. DDS

I would highly recommend the services of Solutions 101 for your dental practice. Solutions 101 provided concrete data assuring me that my changes were logical and suited to my patients insurance coverage.

James W. DDS

I have been very pleased with my paractice's results after hiring Solutions 101. They did all the data extraction, data entry, and footwork necessary to evaluate our fees. Due to the overall success of our business relationship, I would highly recommend Solutions 101.

Julie S. DDS

"...with Solutions-101 help in adjusting our fees, netted my practice an increase of $26,070.00 in the last half of 2016. This involved no increase in the number of procedures performed; it was strictly based on the [data and] work I normally perform. The increase is ongoing and will continue to add value to my practice in the years to come."

Richard C. DDS

Meet Our Team

Craig Dreiling President
Jason Homsey Vice President
Juli Dwyer Representative
Pam Brown Data Entry Specialist
Addie Burke Data Entry Specialist
Hayley Woodard Data Entry Specialist
Scott Harban Software Developer

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